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Begin Doing the Reverse Crunch – An Efficient Ab Train to Get a Six-Pack

If you have not carried out reverse crunch, however wish to work your approach in the direction of six-pack abs, maybe that’s the lacking ingredient. Study all you must know in regards to the reverse crunch under.

The reverse crunch is an efficient train that targets your abs, however one way or the other most individuals fail to do them. Do not be like most individuals.

How To Do the Reverse Crunch

As with most ab workout routines, you’ll solely have to lie down on the ground, or flooring mat, to have the ability to carry out the reverse crunch.

  • Lie down on the ground mat dealing with up with knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Your ft must be flat on the ground and your arms must be straight close to the facet of your physique.
  • That is the preliminary place.
  • Brace your core and carry your ft off the bottom by curling up your hips and shifting your knees in the direction of your chest.
  • Barely proceed lifting your legs till your decrease again is off the mat, however your mid-back remains to be involved with the ground.
  • Preserve your head straight aligned together with your backbone always. Arms and arms must be parallel and subsequent to your physique.
  • Slowly decrease your ft again to the preliminary place.
  • That’s one rep.

You can also make the train tougher by retaining your ft off the bottom always. This may maintain your abs below rigidity for your complete length of the train. When you maintain your legs straight whereas descending, it additionally provides one other layer of problem to this train and aiming to carry your legs up as an alternative of bringing your knees in the direction of your chest.

Muscular tissues Focused

This train targets solely your abs.

The rectus abdominis is also called the six-pack muscle. The reverse crunch will goal what is usually known as the higher abs and decrease abs.

Errors to Keep away from

A typical mistake folks are inclined to make with this train is to use momentum. As it is not uncommon with different ab workout routines, you must keep away from utilizing the momentum of your physique that will help you carry your legs. If you’re unable to carry out the train, do regular crunches as it’s thought of a neater variation of the reverse crunch.

An indication that your abs usually are not robust sufficient is if you’re arching your again. That is frequent if you find yourself reducing your legs to the preliminary place and it could depart you open to accidents.

When you select to do the superior model of the reverse crunch, with out touching your ft on the ground and with straight-up legs, take a look at the video under by Jeff Cavaliere to see extra errors try to be avoiding and the best way to repair them.


The most important good thing about this train is that it targets your rectus abdominis, your six-pack abs muscle tissues as the first operate of this muscle is to flex your trunk and backbone. Nonetheless, solely train won’t provide you with six-pack abs, as extra necessary than any exercise is what you’re consuming.

The right way to Shed Fats and Utterly Rework your Physique

reverse crunch

In comparison with another ab workout routines, reminiscent of the conventional crunch, the reverse model takes away the pressure off your neck. Some folks use their arms to raise their torso when doing regular crunches, which places quite a lot of strain on the neck. By performing lifting your legs in the direction of your physique, you’re extra possible to make use of your abs than another muscle in your physique to do the motion.

The identical might be stated about your again muscle tissues. Bending your backbone throughout conventional crunches might be detrimental in response to this research and the reverse crunch might be adjusted to flex your backbone lower than the standard crunch.

For its simple setup, this train might be carried out nearly wherever.

Cons of the Reverse Crunch

Now that the advantages, you also needs to bear in mind the detrimental facet of this train.

Sadly, this isn’t essentially the most full ab train you would carry out. The reverse crunch will barely goal your obliques, the facet of your abs, which is the muscle accountable for twisting your torso.

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How Many Reps and Units?

Reverse crunches must be added to your regular coaching routine. As you came upon, it isn’t the reply to having six-pack abs, however it should assist you to get nearer to your targets.

As a part of your core coaching, it is best to purpose to do 3 units of 12-20 repetitions of the reverse crunch.

Whether it is too laborious, decrease to 2 units and have a much bigger relaxation interval between the units. Whether it is too simple, you’ll be able to add a resistance band to make the train much more tough.

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